Production Services & Consultations

Red Antelope Films manages every aspect of production from concept to delivery.  We’ve led and collaborated with production teams around the world for film, television, and branded content. Together, we were one of the producing teams on National Geographic’s highest rated series and our first independent film was nominated for an Academy Award. Independently, we’ve created content for a range of clients including TED, San Pellegrino, Puma, and the American Museum of Natural History. We rent a full production suite, including Canon camera packages and mobile editing systems.

We also offer consultation services to filmmakers, photographers, media companies, and businesses, covering all aspects of production from the initial story and visual concept through distribution and audience engagement.


Field and Post Production

Media Packages

Photography Packages
Multimedia Packages
Deliverables Management

Creative Consultations

Story Consultations
Distribution Consultations
Fundraising Consultations

Media Training and Screening Packages

Jennifer and Tim have led media and storytelling workshops around the world, covering storytelling, production, and post-production. We also offer screening packages of our independent films Sun Come Up and Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light.) Both award-winning films have screened at festivals, universities, and as a part of community screening campaigns. Contact us to book a screening.

Media Workshop

  • Story development
  • Filming techniques
  • Field production
  • Post production

Screening + Workshop

  • A screening license
  • Q&A or panel discussion
  • A filmmaking workshop

Screening +

  • A screening license
  • Q&A or panel discussion
  • Q&A can be in person or via Skype


We own and rent a full service production suite, including Canon camera packages, sound equipment, and mobile editing systems.


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