100 Days in Havana

Five years ago we set out to make a film in Havana, Cuba. We were drawn to Cuba because of its rich culture, complex political history and fierce independence as a small island nation. Most Americans see little of the daily life behind ubiquitous images of Fidel Castro and crumbling buildings, and we were looking for an unexpected story that would offer an audience a different picture of life in Cuba.

That film, Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light), follows the intensely personal stories of three blind women from Havana. It premiered at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival where it won the Charles E. Guggenheim award. The next screening is at the Miami International Film Festival where it is in competition for the Knight Foundation Documentary Achievement Award.

A year after the U.S. and Cuba restored diplomatic ties, we’re returning to Havana for 100 days to teach NYU’s documentary course in Havana for three months. It’s a remarkable time to be living in the country, to witness Cuba as it stands on the brink of unknowable change. You can follow our photographic journey on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #Havana100.

Learn more at the 100 Days in Havana website.

Tim Metzger and Jennifer Redfearn